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The Pferd combiclick system consists of a specially developed backing pad and rugged mounting system at the back of the grinder. The backing Pad allows the system to be used with any commercially available backing pad with an M14 thread.  

The special geometry of the cooling slots ensures a high throuput of air, kkeping the workpiece and disc much cooler under extreme loads. The design also significantly reduces the thermal load on the abrasive and workpiece

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Pferd have produced a wide range of discs to suit this backing pad including the following :-

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Zirconia aluminia
  • Ceramic oxide 
  • PNER Unitized 
  • Non woven SCM (scotch bright)
  • Felt pads 


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The starter set allows you to use and select the correct abrasive for your own application with a complete selection of abrasives from across the range.

Pack contents 

1 off 115mm M14 combi click backing pad.
3 off 115mm CO-cool ceramic disc 36 grit 
3 off 115mm CO-cool ceramic disc 120 grit
3 off 115mm A-cool Alox disc 220grit 
1 off 115mm Acourse hard scm disc 100 grit
1 off 115mm AMed hard scm disc 180 grit
1 off 115mm Afine hard scm disc 240 grit 
1 off 115mm Acourse soft  scm disc 100 grit
1 off 115mm AMed soft scm disc 180 grit
1 off 115mm Afine soft scm disc 280 grit 
1 off 115mm PNER Unitised wheel
1 off 115mm Felt polishing disc
1 off universal polishing paste.


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