Diamond grinding tools

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Matching tool drives:

■ Machine tool

■ Robot

■ Straight grinder

■ Flexible shaft drive

Conditions for use:

■ Because of the monolayer coating, drive spindles and tool holders must have a high

concentricity. The finer the grit size used, the more accurate the concentricity needs to be.

■ The tool drive must have sufficient drive output on the grinding spindle to ensure the required

rotational speed, even under load.

■ For stationary tool drives, the tool machine, tool and workpiece holder must be sufficiently


■ The workpiece must be mounted stable.

Recommendations for use:

■ Electroplated diamond and CBN tools can be used for both dry and wet grinding. If possible,

wet grinding is to be preferred in order to reduce tool wear and the risk of thermal damage.

■ Generally, the following applies: For optimum profitability, select a grit size that is as coarse

as possible and as fine as necessary. Influencing factors include the hardness of the material and

the surface quality required.

■ Select as large a tool diameter as possible, since this increases the number of diamond or CBN

grit that engage the workpiece. For internal grinding, the maximum tool diameter is 3/4 of the

diameter to be ground.

■ The longitudinal feed rate for internal grinding must not exceed 2/3 of the total width per

workpiece rotation. The infeed depends on the material to be machined, the cutting speed,

the stability of the tool, its holder and the tool drive.


Recommendations for use:

                   ■ Dry grinding: 8–18 m/s

                   ■ Wet grinding: 15–25 m/s

Ordering notes:

                  ■ Please complete the description with the desired grit size





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