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     STEEL mounted points

The STEEL type is the most universal bond for machining steel and cast steel. It is extremely well suited to grinding high-speed steel (HSS) moulded parts and weld dressing on steel constructions.


■ Good grinding performance and stock removal rate in universal use on steel materials.

■ Shortened grinding times and thus cost savings due to the high stock removal rate.

■ Particularly suitable for work on surfaces and edges.

Materials that can be worked:

■ Steel

■ Cast steel


■ Vitrified bond

■ Aluminium oxide mixture of dark-red and white aluminium oxide

Recommendations for use:

■ STEEL mounted points perform best at a cutting speed of 30 to 50 m/s.

Matching tool drives:

■ Flexible shaft drive

■ Straight grinder Ordering notes:

■ Please complete the description with the desired grit size.

Safety notes:

■ The maximum permitted rotational speed relates to the unsupported shank length of 10 mm.

STEEL, ball type

The ball shape KU is often used for contour grinding and backside deburring.

STEEL, cylindrical with radius end type

The cylindrical shape with radius end WR is suitable for a variety of deburring and grinding jobs.

STEEL, pointed tree type

The pointed tree shape SP is suitable for machining small holes and bores. 

STEEL, conical with radius end type

The conical shape with radius end KE is designed for a comfortable working position during surface grinding and grinding of chamfers.

STEEL EDGE, cup type

The cup shape TO is ideal for work on profiles, planar surfaces and ledges, without the cylindrical surface being damaged.


Series A mounted points are generally used on larger components. Due to the special shapes of series A mounted points, it is possible to grind in a variety of contours. The applications range from grinding out slits and grooves in hard-to-reach areas to machining bores and small holes as well as smoothing.

Explanation of the code system:

D = Mounted point outer dia.

T = Mounted point width

Sd = Shank dia.

L2 = Shank length





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